Sparkling for 300?!

Игристое за 300?!
From July 26

Summer is the time for soft drinks. Especially for our guests, we are launching a promotion for sparkling Portuguese wine Cacho Fresco: notes of green fruits and lemon zest are perfectly combined with our fish dishes.

The delicate white wine Caco Fresco is created from the grapes of the Fernau Pirish variety, which gives high-acid, bright wines. Maceration and fermentation were carried out in steel vats for two weeks. After the end of fermentation, the wine underwent a saturation process (saturation with carbon dioxide), which gave it greater lightness and brightness.

Sicilian cod, sea bass fillet or seafood pasta with cuttlefish ink will be your ideal choice for this sparkling?

The Palermo restaurant offers pink and white sparkling wine for just 300 rubles /glass. Try it and decide which side you're on.

Do you want to appreciate sparkling wine? Call and book a table by phone 443-8-302.

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